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EP046 – Commercialising Cyber Security with Dor Eisner

Welcome to another episode of It’s a Numbers Game Podcast by The MSP Finance Team with Daniel Welling and Adam Morris.

We created It’s a Numbers Game Podcast to help MSP owners learn and understand how to build and maintain a financially healthy MSP business. In this podcast series, MSP business owners like you will learn the fundamental steps, the tips and tricks, the dos and don’ts to achieve MSP financial growth.

Why Listen to This Episode?

In this enlightening episode of “It’s A Numbers Game,” dive into the world of MSPs and cybersecurity with Dor Eisner, CEO of Guardz. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. Guardz is revolutionizing the MSP landscape by providing a platform designed to simplify cybersecurity management and enable MSPs to become security-centric businesses.
  2. The introduction of a unique prospecting tool by Guardz empowers MSPs to generate tailored cyber risk reports for potential clients, facilitating business growth and addressing the SME market’s security needs.
  3. Dor shares his entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the critical role of the “4T model” (Team, Technology, TAM, Timing) in building a successful business and the strategic steps taken from startup to scale-up in the cybersecurity sector.

Tune in for a compelling discussion that could transform your MSP business strategy and inspire your next big move in the tech industry.

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