The MSP Finance Team

Referral Partnership

Help MSPs discover us and the value we can add to their business, with a reward available for referred and referrer!

Referral Partnership

How our referral partnership works.

10% of recurring revenue, lifetime reward value.

Referrer choice for reward allocation;

A. 10% discount for referred, or;

B. 10% commission for referrer, or;

C. 5% discount for referred and 5% commission for referrer.

Referrer choice can differ between referrals.

Referrer instruction can be communicated to us and referred in introductory email “please ensure <referred> receives the <10% or 5%> discount

We will automatically recognise recurring revenue for referral partners and issue a monthly invoicing instruction to the referral partner for any commission payable for the lifetime of the referred customer’s initial service.

Questions, comments, observations or to register please fill in the form on this page and we look forward helping your referred MSPs with their financial management!

Questions, comments, observations or to register

Chat about becoming a referral partner.