The MSP Finance Team

EP001 – Who We Are and Why We’re Here

Welcome to the pilot episode of It’s a Numbers Game Podcast by The MSP Finance Team’s Daniel Welling and Adam Morris. 

We created It’s a Numbers Game Podcast to help MSP owners learn and understand how to build and maintain a financially healthy MSP business. In this podcast series, MSP business owners like you will learn the fundamental steps, the tips and tricks, the dos and don’ts to achieve MSP financial growth.

We know you can’t wait to listen and learn but first, let us introduce ourselves.

In this pilot episode, you will learn a little bit about our story, what brought us to The MSP Finance Team, and what drove us to creating a podcast series that specifically talks about Finance, which is very uncommon around the channel.

We hope you enjoy this quick pilot episode, and we are hoping you stay tuned for the next one because you are in for a ride!

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We look forward to catching up with you on the next one. Stay tuned! 

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