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EP034 – Physical And Financial Strength with Byron Johnston

In this unique and engaging episode of “It’s a Numbers Game,” we step away from our regular finance-focused discussions to explore the interplay between physical strength and overall well-being, and how it parallels with financial health. Our guest, Byron Johnston, a renowned strength coach, shares invaluable insights.

Why You Should Listen to This Episode:

  1. Understanding the Importance of Physical Strength for Everyday Life: Byron Johnston, a Starting Strength coach, breaks down the concept of strength training into practical, everyday terms. Discover how simple strength training exercises can impact your daily activities, from lifting luggage to maintaining independence as you age.
  2. Transformative Effects of Strength Training on Health and Well-being: Learn about the transformative journey of strength training and how it can significantly improve conditions like back pain. Byron shares real-life stories, including our host Adam’s personal transformation, to illustrate how strength training leads to a pain-free, healthier life.
  3. Parallels Between Physical Strength and Financial Health: The conversation uniquely ties the concepts of physical strength training to financial management. Understand how incremental progress in physical training can mirror the steady growth of a business’s financial strength, with each contributing to overall well-being and confidence.

Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction to Byron Johnston, his background, and why his expertise is relevant to MSP owners.
  • Detailed discussion on strength training basics and its application in everyday life.
  • The impact of strength training on body composition, weight control, and health.
  • Insights into managing and overcoming physical pain and frailties through strength training.
  • Parallels drawn between financial health and physical strength – a unique perspective for MSP owners.
  • Byron’s approach to helping individuals from all walks of life gain strength and confidence.

Whether you’re an MSP professional interested in personal health, someone curious about the benefits of strength training, or just looking for inspiration to start your fitness journey, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and motivational stories.

Join us for this enlightening discussion and find out how strengthening your body can lead to a stronger, more confident you in all aspects of life, including your business

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